Saturday, August 15, 2009


Mr. Godwin Eyoh Namaya Moderating the Intallation Deliberations, July 25 2009

Congratulations ..............Congratulations...................................Congratulations!!!!!!!!

Please join the South Eastern Sub-Section in congratulating theLeadership and Militants of the newly installed Atlanta Central Branch.The Atlanta Central Branch led by President Wilfred Ntyame-Medjo was successfully installed on Saturday July 25th 2009 at the HolidayInn in Atlanta Georgia.

Executive of Atlanta Central Branch

The Newly Installed Branch Executive Pose for pictures with the Section and Sub-Section leadership. The moment we have all been waiting for.

President Sammy Ngalame of the South Eastern Sub-Section and Mrs Patience Tamfu, President of WCPDM USA Section and the newly Installed Branch President Mr. Wilfred Medjo-Ntyame.

The Installation was conducted by a panel involving CPDM hierachy from the Section, the Sub-Section and the Women's Wing at both Section and Sub-Section level.

Mr. Jackson Nanje eloquently led the fund raising appeal to millitants and supporters. The fact that the CPDM party in the USA thrives solely on support from its own militants, it was important to raise funds to help support party activities and support the new Branch.


Needless to say it has been a tough road not only for the Branch but for theSub-Section as well. This journey started many months back during the last Section Conference held in Atlanta. One Special Lady who now carries the title'Mother of the Atlanta Central Branch', Comrade Henriette Malouma attended the conference and felt the need to mobilize other Cameroonians in her network to start a Branch. It took several meetings hosted by Comrade Malouma to get us on the right path, It also took great commitment on the part of the Sub-Section Executive to lead this path.

While the Sub-Section continued to lay the foundation to enable the new Branch to rise, we cannot under - estimatethe support of the Central Committee in Yaounde especially Hon. Fogui who patiently guided this process. Special thanks to Section Executives who have sacrificed time, effort and even finance to see that this new Branch is born.

Special Appreciation to the President of WCPDM Mrs Patience Tamfu for going that extra mile in support of the Sub-Section her presence at the installation made us feel worthy. The CPDM USA Section President could not make it to the Installation but extended his best wishes to the Sub-Section and we say thank you to President Joseph Mbu.

We also thank all other Party Executives who supported the South Eastern Sub-Section in preparing for the installation: President Mbaku of CPDM DALLAS, Comrade CyprainEngwenyi for all your contributions, the list goes on and we thank you all for your support and encouragement over the last few months.

I must end with an echoe of the Message delivered by President Mrs PatienceTamfu at the installation ceremony: that we must unite and work together for the greater good of the Party. When militants are united and together, a lot can be achieved.

The CPDM is a party of Inclusion, it is the only party where all Cameroonians can feel welcome!!!!!!!!!!


Long Live the Republic of Cameroon

Long Live the Chairmain of the Party HE President Paul Biya

Long Live CPDM USA Section

Long Live the South Eastern Sub-Section

Long Live North Eastern Branch

Long Live Atlanta Central Branch


Monday, March 9, 2009


Mr. Sammy Ngalame and His Excellency Ambassador Foe Atangana.

Plans are currently under way to receive His Excellency B C Foe Atangana, the Cameroon Ambassador to the United States of America in Georgia. Following an Audience with the Ambassador, at the Cameroon Embassy in January 2009, Mr. Sammy Ngalame the CPDM South Eastern Sub-Section President invited His Excellency on behalf of the Cameroonian Community in Georgia for a visit.

Ambassador Foe Atangana accepted the invitation and will be happy to visit Georgia to dialogue with the community. This meeting will provide a platform for Cameroonians to share their concerns and help improve relations with the Embassy.

One of the goals of CPDM South Eastern Sub-Section and CPDM USA is to push for Dual Nationality for Cameroonians in the United States. We hope that the Ambassador will underscore the importance of Dual Citizenship to the Legislative branch of the government as they continue their deliberations on this issue in this legislative year.

Another issue we need to highlight to the Ambassador is the need for the South Eastern region to have a Consular Service to help facilitate the needs of the Cameroonian community as well as the needs of potential investors, tourists and others interested in Cameroon.

It is therefore vital that all Cameroonians come together not only to welcome the Ambassador but to listen to his vision for Cameroonians in the United States of America.

The CPDM South Eastern Sub-Section is reaching out to the Entire community to participate in this meeting with the Ambassador. Time, date and place will be announced as soon as that information is available.

Volunteers are needed to help plan this visit. You do not have to be a CPDM militant to attend or to offer help in making this a success for all Cameroonians.

Please note that the Ambassador is here to serve all Cameroonians no matter their political affiliations or resident status in the United States of America, he wants everyoneto understand that he is not coming to Georgia for a Political meeting but to visit and meet all Cameroonians.

For details please email the Secretary or President

Saturday, March 7, 2009

CPDM South Eastern Sub-Section January Meeting

Captured in Photo above, President Sammy Ngalame welcomes New Militant Mrs Mfotaw to the CPDM family.

The Sub-Section hosted its first meeting this year in January 2009. The meeting was well attended by supporters, militants and well wishers. Important issues were addressed in the meeting, plans to create and install new branches. President Sammy Ngalame thanked all militants for their commitment and support and for keeping the Sub-Section active.

Militants also learnt of plans to receive the Ambassador of the Republic of Cameroon His Excellency Foe-Atangana who has accepted an invitation by the Sub-Section to visit Georgia and meet the community. This event will be organized for the benefit of all Cameroonians in Georgia and other States to meet the Ambassador, share their concerns about the Embassy and look at ways that the Embassy can be of assistance to Cameroonians in general. Minutes of the Meeting has been posted on the Discussion forum for review.

Militants enjoy a meal in celebration of the new addition to family of the Ngomes. Baby Carlson was Blessed during this gathering in the true Cameroonian Born House Style. Militants enjoyed Cameroonian Cuisine such as Ndole and Plantains, Fufu and Eru, Rice and Stew, Puff Puff and Beans,, very mouth watering because you know Cameroonian cuisine beats every Before the meal, Pastor Martin Bong was invited to Bless Carlson and Bless the Meal.
The Next Meeting is scheduled for Sat. March 14th 2009

Thursday, January 22, 2009


It was an extremely cold night, January 20th 2009, but CPDM militants and supporters of President Barack Obama, could not let the day pass without a celebration. President Sammy Ngalame and his wife Mrs Eposi Ngalame provided the warmth of their home for the observation of such a special day in history, THE INAUGURATION OF PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA. Militants, friends and supporters gathered as the night went along and reflected on Obama's path to victory and what humanity can learn from his experience not forgeting the Hope and Change for which his name remains a Symbol of.

Guests were treated to some mouth watering Cameroonian Cuisine and some asorted wines and beers for to wrap up a historic day. As the night went by, everyone hoped and prayed that our Beautiful country Cameroon will also join the countless number of African nations hoping to benefit from the Obama Presidency.

CPDM Militants in attendance: Comrades: Moumi, Bibi, DJ Mageto and Makossa Super Star and celebrity Emile Kangue at the Obama Inaugural Party,
hosted by CPDM South Eastern Sub-Section in the United States of America.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


CPDM SOUTH EASTERN SUB-SECTION is hosting an Inaugural Celebration For President Elect Barack Obama. This event is open to the community and all supporters of Barack Obama who are not going to DC are welcome to attend no matter your political affiliations. Barack Obama represents HOPE and PROGRESS and we hope that he will be an inspiration to all World Leaders, Politicians and Citizens of the World.

EVENT DATE: 01/20/2009
LOCATION: The Ngalame's
4275 Hiram Lithia Springs Rd
Powder Springs, Ga 30127
Professional DJ Service will be the order of the Night
Bring a Bottle or a Platta or just show up and join the celebrations.
For More Information Please call
Sammy: 770 906 1212
Lady Kate: 678 663 5892

Monday, January 5, 2009


Click the above link for slide show.

The Theme of the Conference:

Conference delegates gathered in the heart of Powder Springs Georgia for the CPDM USA 1st Joint Conference. This conference brought together the leadership of the Party in the USA including all the wings of the Party, WCPDM and YCPDM. In the Words of the Section President Mr. Joseph Mbu, " this joint Section Conference is an extra ordinary occasion in which members of the CPDM USA Section congregate in one spirit to examine our duty to the party and to consider how we as Cameroonians of conscience, militants of a great party, can best obey the principles and adherance to the party. This great event is phenomenal and without precedent in our short time of official existence. For sure, this consultation will serve as an opportunity for the Section leadership to self assess and reinvent its image" (Joseph Mbu)

The conference kicked off just after 10.00 am on the morning of Sat. Nov. 22nd 2008 with a word of prayer followed by the chanting of the Cameroon National Anthem.

Dr. Augustine Ayuk, Lady kate Njeuma, Mr. Jackson Nanje and Mr. Charles Ngome discuss conference logistics prior to conference kick-off.

South Eastern Sub-Section President Mr. Ngalame and Dispute Officer Mr. Emile Kangue and other Delegates settling down for a day of deliberations at the Joint Conference

Conference Delegates

The Leadership Panel that led the conference included (from left to right): Guest Speaker, Veteran Journalist from Cameroon Mr. Asonglefac Nkemleke, Motivational Speaker Mrs Beatrice Tayui a successful Business Woman in Cameroon and diaspora, Mr. Rex Eseme, Secretary of CPDM USA Section, Mr. Mpeck, Vice President of CPDM USA, Mr. Joseph Mbu, President of CPDM USA, Mrs Patience Tamfu, President of WCPDM USA Section, Mr. Atangana, President of YCPDM USA Section and Commissioner Mr. Emana from Cameroon Embassy New York.

"The Cameroon People's Democratic Movement is a mass political organization. As such, its mission is to rally all Cameroonian citizens without exception. To accomplish this, the party relies upon its grassroots structures whose leaders are constantly sensitized in conferences. The CPDM Section Conference is however the most important event in the life of the party, as it provides a pre-eminent forum wherein the political consciousness of our militants is fashioned. The Party draws its strength from its profound conviction that it is serving the supreme interest of all Cameroonians in accordance with the party Motto:

(Mr. Joseph Mbu, President)

Mrs Patience Tamfu engaged the conference delegates to a powerful speech stating her vision for the WCPDM in the United States of America. Mrs Tamfu spoke of a great future ahead which includes forming alliances with other powerful and influential organizations in the USA to leverage growth and development opportunities for Cameroonian Women and militants of our great party and country. Mrs Tamfu spoke passionately about the need for WCPDM to be allowed to use its own initiatives to develop and grow its grassroots without supression by the CPDM Section.

Mrs Tamfu thanked the WCPDM leadership in Cameroon especially Mme Yaou Isatou who has been very supportive and inspirational to militants of the WCPDM Section in the United States of America.

" I believe CPDM's best days are ahead of us; inspiration comes while you are working rather than waiting to get the work started" (Mrs Patience Tamfu President WCPDM).

She continued " Dear Comrades, I encourage you to stand strong, don't give up, don't give in. Your Participation in this conference testifies that we will stay
UNITED FOR GREATER ACHIEVEMENT, for our great party and our great country Cameroon" (Mme Patience Tamfu, WCPDM President.)

The Guest Speaker, a veteran Journalist from Cameroon, Mr. Asonglefac Nkemleke spoke passionately about professional journalism and the benefits of using the mass media to further develop, grow and promote CPDM USA. Mr. Asonglefac reminded delegates to use every possible media that is available today to get the message of the CPDM out there. The impact and the power of mass media is very evident in the way President Elect Obama's campaign was run and we must learn from that experience and apply to the CPDM.

Conference Delegates were very thrilled to have Mr. Asonglefac as a Guest Speaker as the remembered the good old days of



It was quite phenomenal indeed.

Mrs Beatrice Tayui, the Motivational Speaker for the conference touched every one's heart and soul with a special appeal to Cameroonians in the diaspora to love and respect their country, the country that helped to raise each and every Cameroonian to be what they are today. She constantly referred to her hero President Elect-Obama whom despite his goodlife in America, never once forgot his roots, he would go back home to the most humble beginnings where his father came from and today we see him on a seat of honor, this is all because he is humble at heart. Cameroonians must humble themselves and learn to love their country.

Sister Bea we love you and we are grateful for the speech, it really hit home!!!!!

Comrade Geoffrey Mbaku on the Podium
The Highlight of the conference came at the end when Comrade Mbaku addressed the delegates as the President of Dallas Branch (to be). Mr. Mbaku, a very charismatic leader and speaker laid his case for installation to the conference delegates in the most exciting way that words cannot really explain. Pictured above giving the most serious speech in a humorous manner, he certainly left a mark on every delegate present as we all struggled to wipe the tears of laughter as we listened in amazement. When it was over, we wanted more of Mr. Mbaku's speech and antiques.
Mr. Mbaku has done his home work, he has mobilized the South Central Sub-Section (to be) and he now waits with other militants for an installation. His message was clear to the Section Leadership ' We want to be officially installed, we are ready'. Mr. Mbaku is a very optimistic and committed leader. The Section promised to give him all the support needed. So Dallas, We are waiting for our invitation to the grand Installation. Don't give up, Don't give in, we are all behind you!!!!!!

The Conference was Moderated By Comrade Solomon Egbe.

It was a smooth running conference with very few distractions and Comrade Egbe kept the flow with the help of Comrade Lady Kate Njeuma who was the Co-moderator.

Lady Kate Njeuma assisted Comrade Solomon Ebge as the co-moderator of the Leadership Joint Conference.
Information Technology Committee
Mr. Simon Eta gave a presentation on behalf of the Education Committee. The Committee is working on a grand project of computerizing the School System in Cameroon to help school and college administration reduce the amount of paper documentation, switching to computer data strorage. This project is still in the planning phase. The committe will select a school or college as the Pilot where the system will be tried out and perfected, after which the successful model will be applied to other schools. More Information on this project will be brought to you as it becomes available.
Cameroon-American Friendship Committee
Mr. Julius Oben gave a comprehensive overview of the committee activities. This committee is working on enabling Sister City Partnerships between cities in the United States of America and towns in Cameroon. Mr. Oben will keep militants informed of the progress being made in this Committee, he encouraged other millitants who are interested in joining such committees to contact him.
This Committee is headed by Dr. Nkem-Amin Khumbah, who was not able to attend the conference due to prior commitments but whose committee has done a tremendous job in Cameroon already. He led a delegation of American Education Specialists from the United States via the Cameroon Ministry of Higher Education to re-vitalize the curriculum of some institutions of higher learning in Cameroon. The University of Buea is one of such institutions.
A partnership with Purdue University in the USA is already in the works.
The report on the progress of the Education Committee was presented by Mrs Mary Mbah-Jones, WCPDM South Central President to be. This report will be available on the CPDM USA website for further reference.


From left to Right Mr. Mpeck Vice President CPDM USA, Mr. Joseph Mbu, President of CPDM USA, Mrs Patience Tamfu, President of WCPDM USA, Mr. Atangana, YCPDM USA President.

Friday Nov. 21. 2008 was a night like no other to go down in history as the first conflict resolution and reconciliation meeting of all wings of the party in the USA. Since installation in 2008 the party leadership faced certain operational conflicts which in the long run if not addressed and properly resolved may help to destroy. Leadership got together the night before the joint conference to iron out some of those burning issues such as Finances, the relationships between the organs, installation of new Sub-Sections, leadership style and Communication breakdown in party rank and file. The heat was on but this was necessary to clear the path for a better CPDM USA, with the greatest vision focusing on Nation Building and intergrating the Cameroon diaspora in decision making and policy issues affecting all of us and our future generations.
It was certainly a long night but millitants remained committed to completing the goals and objectives of the night, tabling all possible issues to be addressed.

Comrade Lawrence Elonge from Albany New York a Potential Branch President rolls the camera on all the action of the night. It must be quite an animation to have captured. Yes he did capture the moments of just how passionate the CPDMers can be sometimes in the midst of Oye ye ye ye I am sure the footage will make quite an exciting viewing eventhough we have no word yet from our Producer on the release Comrade Jackson Nanje spotted above in the picture, in the red top and black hat showing some Southern hospitality to our delegates.

Comrade Albert Ebini Speaks

On a very serious note, important issues were addressed and sometimes these issues appeared very uncomfortable for Section leadership but the purpose of this leadership meeting was to look into all such issues that have held back the CPDM Section in many ways. Finance was key in the deliberations. Resolutions were tabled and the Section Leadership Promised to follow up. Militants called on the leadership to put the house in order for the good of the party.
Comrade Emile Kangue and Comrade Lady Kate Njeuma.
Mr. Emile Kangue the Dispute Officer for South Eastern Sub-Section, Lady Kate Njeuma the Secretary and Dr. Gwen Shang the Vice President of WCPDM USA moderated the Meeting of leaders commissioned to help solve some of the burning issues that have plagued the party since its creation. It was certainly a very heated night which aimed at seeking a resolve and also reconciling all wings of the party.

After all deliberations were over, all militants united in celebrating and wishing Mrs Patience Tamfu a happy B'day, she turned 16 on this special day..... don't ask me how the gig went down......I know it was


CPDM Post Conference BBQ Nov. 2008



The post conference BBQ was scheduled for Sunday 11/23/2008 and it was a family affair. Mr. Auodou New York Sub-Section President pictured above welcomes his family to the BBQ as Mrs Esther Ayuk captures the moment on camera. The BBQ was hosted by the President and First Lady of the Sub-Section Mr. and Mrs Ngalame. The BBQ marked the official end of the Leadership Joint Conference.

Friday, January 2, 2009


Another major highlight for the South Eastern Sub-Section was the visit of the Vice President of the Cameroon National Assembly, Hon. Rose Abunaw Makia, who was on a Private visit with her family in Atlanta and accepted our invitation to a Special BBQ reception in her honor. Pictured above with the President of the South Eastern Sub-Section Mr. Ngalame and the WCPDM Sub-Section President Mrs Ayuk who presented her with Plaque in recognition of her leadership. She was very delighted to accept the Plaque and promised never to forget her ties with this Sub-Section. She proceeded to share a word of encouragement to all in attendance, reminding us that we are ambassadors of our country Cameroon and even more so as millitants of our great party.

Addressing Millitants, friends and family who came to Welcome her, Hon. Rose Abunaw Makia was very pleased with the show of Southern Hospitality. She is not new to the Georgia Community as she had visited some three years back when she promised that on her return to Cameroon she will ensure that the CPDM in the USA gets the mandate to operate as a Sub-Section and indeed she kept her promise. CPDM USA became an Official Section in 2007.

Honorable in her address called on the leadership to allow the Lower Organs to use their own initiative and increase activities and this will help to grow the party. She repeatedly stressed that lower organs should not be supressed they should be encouraged.

The Sub-Section had some little delights and a few refreshments to share with the Special Guest, Hon. Rose Abunaw Makia. A BBQ was grilling while community leaders, friends and colleagues exchanged warm welcome messages with her.

To View the Slide Show of Pictures please click on the following links:

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Lady Kate Njeuma, Secretary
CPDM: South Eastern Sub-Section




The First General Assembly organized by the Sub-Section was held in August of 2007. The Panel of leaders as seen above included Mr. Sammy Ngalame, President of the South Eastern Sub-Section, Lady Kate Njeuma, Sub-Section Secretary, Mr. Eyoh Namaya, North Eastern Branch President, Mrs Esther Ayuk, WCPDM Sub-Section President and Miss Fese Elonge, President of the YCPDM Sub-Section. This General Assembly was deemed necessary to sensitize the grassroots, recruit more millitants and grow the party base in this region of the United States of America.

The Assembly kicked off with a registration process where new millitants were able to register and get their party cards, millitants were also able to purchase souvinir items such as T shirts and caps etc.

The President Mr. Ngalame addressed some of the Key Objectives of the South Eastern Sub-Section, which includes advocating for Dual Citizenship for Cameroonians in the United States of America, pointing out some of the benefits of such a plan. Mr. Ngalame also called on all Millitants to join forces with the CPDM for the purpose of Nation Building. He welcomed all new millitants and encouraged them to take up leadership positions and form new Branches accross the Sub-Section.

Other Presentations included the Party Structure, by WCPDM Sub-Section President Mrs Ayuk. Mr. Namaya the President of the North Eastern Branch gave a presentation on his Flagship Branch, the most vibrant Branch in the USA. He addressed some of the issues to help make a branch successful and pledged to continue the grassroot work to increase millitancy. Miss Elonge was able to present her perspective and vision for the Youth in the Sub-Section.

In Georgia we are very honored to have the presence of 3 CPDM USA Section Executive Officers who hail from this Sub-Section. These officers remain very resourceful and are always ready to step in to offer advice and help us understand the Party Text. Mr. Eseme Rex the General Secretary of the Section, as seen in the Picture above, is explaining one of such crucial matters during the Sub-Section General Assembly. Other Section Officers Present were Dr. Augustine Ayuk, the Section Treasurer who also has a great understanding of the Party Text and Mr. Jackson Nanje, the Publicity and Education Secretary of the Section who is always on standby with some PR tips.

It was great engaging members of the community in Georgia who were eager to learn more about what the Sub-Section's goals and objectives are. There were lots of children attending as well, this meeting emphasized the role of the youth in Nation Building.


Extra-Ordinary meeting with the CPDM Secretary General Mr. Rene Sadi and Delegation from Cameroon.


Shortly after the installation, it was time again for the Annual United Stations Summit at the Head Quarters in New York City. Annually, Statesmen and Women their partners and Close officials are drawn to the city for the Summit to renew their pledges to World Peace and Development. President Paul Biya has been in attendance at this summit. The CPDM USA galvanized its grassroots through the various Sub-Sections and Branches to make a representation in New York to welcome the Head of State and Chairman of our great party the CPDM/RDPC.

After the President's arrival at the Grand Astoria, millitants gathered for a special meeting with the Secretary General of the CPDM, Mr. Rene Sadi and members of his delegation who had travelled with President Biya. Millitants were able to seek advice on some major issues of concern and it was an opportunity to talk to high ranking officials of the party who know and understand the workings of the party. The Secretary General concluded the meeting in a very positive note of encouragement for the Young CPDM USA Section that had just been established.

This is the Powerful delegation that left from the South Eastern Sub-Section to New York City to Welcome His Excellency President Paul Biya and his entourage, arriving from Cameroon to attend the United Nations Annual Summit. Mr. Sammy Ngalame, Dr. Augustine Ayuk, Mr. Godwin Eyoh Namaya,

Lady Kate Njeuma and Mr. Jackson Nanje made up the delegation from Atlanta Georgia. Some millitants stayed at the Grand Astoria Hotel where most of the States men and States Women were hosted while others stay at the Marriott Marquis right next door.

The visit to New York city was spearheaded by the CPDM USA Sub-Section President, Mr. Joseph Mbu pictured above with the charming smile in the heat of the New York hussle and bussle. This is a very exciting time to be in the city as Statesmen and Women from accross the World arrive in some alarmingly tight security. It was surprising to see how some leaders were so tightly protected while others strolled into their hotels with ease and the luxury of freedom. Millitants of the CPDM were easily identifiable as they lined the streets in their party colors, chanting some of those old time patriotic songs in French and English. It was quite an experience.

A huge crowd of CPDM millitants in the USA turned out to Welcome the Head of State and Chairman of the Party, President Paul Biya and were treated to some live oriental display of international beats by New York street artists who also lined the streets. The atmosphere was fun as Cameroonians waited for the arriving President and his entourage.
Please click on the link below to view the slide show of pictures from the New York Trip:
Lady Kate Njeuma
Secretary: CPDM South Eastern Sub-Section


Professor Elvis Ngole Ngole, Speaks to The Post News Paper.

Start-up Sub-sections

The CPDM-USA Section has taken off with six start-up sub-sections. It is would be noted that the states in the US have for now been grouped into six Sub-sections, which are: Western, South Central, Mid-Western, Mid-Atlantic, South Eastern, and Eastern.

The CPDM Central Committee organised the first Sub-section elections in Atlanta, Georgia, for the South Eastern CPDM Sub-section.In elections which held at the Marietta Conference Centre, Sammy Ngalame was elected the CPDM Sub-section President, Esther Ayuk emerged the WCPDM Sub-section President, while Miss Fesse Elonge grabbed the post of YCPDM Sub-section President.

As for the election of the Eastern CPDM Sub-section which followed next in New York, Djibril Aoudou emerged as CPDM Sub-section President, Augustinne Tankeu was elected WCPDM Sub-section President, while Florent Samou picked the post of YCPDM Sub-section President.

Delegates to the General Assembly at Washington DC, at which the pioneer Section Executive Bureaux were elected, came from all the six Sub-sections. In the Section elections, Joe Mbu was elected the CPDM Section President; Patience Tamfu was elected the WCPDM Section President, while Atanga grabbed the post of YCPDM Section President.

After his return from the US, Ngolle, told The Post that he felt honoured and privileged that the Head of State trusted him to lead the Central Committee delegation to organise the first-ever CPDM Section in the US.

He was elated to note that the CPDM-USA Section "has taken off on a good footing."
The Full Article as featured in The Post New Paper
Please click on the link to Read More


Millitants Pose with Head of Delegation Prof. Elvis Ngole Ngole after a tough Election Process.
Head of Delegation seen above left in Picture with Mrs Regina Djengue newly elected official and Mr. Sammy Ngalame the First President of the South Eastern Sub-Section, USA. Mr. Ngalame was thereby charged with the responsibility of building the party base in the Southern States around the State of Georgia stretching to Alabama and all the way to include Tennessee and nearby states.

Lady Kate Njeuma


CPDM SE Sub-Section.


The CPDM South Eastern Sub Section was officially installed by a Special delegation headed by His Excellency the Minister of Forestry Mr. Elvis Ngole Ngole from Cameroon.
The Sub-Section came into existence thru a supervised free and fair election process officiated by the special delegation from Cameroon. The Sub-Section legally comprises of two branches the North Eastern Branch Headed by President Godwin Eyoh Namaya and the Atlanta Branch. This Sub-Section also boasts of a very viable and growing WCPDM and a nurturing YCPDM. Together we constitute ourselves with one purpose and one goal, that of Nation Building.The Sub-Section holds Quarterly meetings and organizes open house and other events aimed at widening millitancy in our goal to foster nation building and development. If you are interested in joining the CPDM and you live in Georgia or neighboring Southern States of the USA please send an email to
Lady Kate Njeuma
General Secretary
CPDM South Eastern Sub-Section